Saturday, 10 January 2015

Cutting Up a Pineapple In 5 Steps (With Geometry)

A big shout out to @trianglemancsd whose blog, Talking Math With Your Kids, and his Which One Doesn't Belong is the inspiration for this blog post.

I think it's pretty cool that my 5 year old likes getting involved in the kitchen, so last week it wasn't a big surprise that she pulled out her ducky stool to see how I was going to cut up a pineapple.

Step 1: cut off the top and bottom

Me: What shapes did I make?
Layne: Circles.

Step 2: cut off the skin

Me: What shape do you see now?
Layne: ...a hexagon?
Me: Close, how many sides does it have?
Layne: Eight.
Me: What kind of animal has eight legs?
Layne: An octopus.
Me: Yeah, so what do you think the name of this 8 sided shape might be?
Layne: Octogon.

Step 3: cut into 8 segments

Me: Now what did we make?
Layne: Triangles!

Step 4: Cut the core off of each segement

Layne: Trapezoid!
(I don't even have to prompt for for this one)

Step 5: cut into bite size pieces and eat

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