Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Halloween AfterMATH

With the passing of another All Hallows' Eve it's time to eat some treats, and take down the decorations in preparation for the next holiday season (only 49 days until Christmas*). As I'm walking through a local store on Sunday I notice the following display:
Half price chips and cheezies! After my heart rate slows down, and I check the display a little closer I start to wonder...50 tiny bags of chips for $4.42 is that really a good deal? The box looks huge, but is it really that many chips/cheezies? So off I go down a different aisle to investigate:

Wow, these numbers aren't very friendly, so I'll have to sit down and figure this one out later. As I am making my way back to the front of the store, through the candy aisle, I notice something else:
Sweet! I can figure this one out on the fly. I grab my KitKat bars and head to the check out, but on the way I see:

This 510 gram box of treats is also on post-Halloween sale for $4.49, but is that a better deal? How many Kit Kats will I actually get? Upon closer inspection, I find some more information:

I put back the KitKats I had already picked up and grab the box of 50 chocolate bars, box of 50 cheezies, box of 50 chips, and go pay. On the way home I start to second guess myself and wonder if I made the right choices.
How do you think I did?
How many of each type of chocolate bar are in the box of 50?
*originally drafted on November 3rd*

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