Monday, 25 April 2016

Survivor: Coral Island - Week #2

Thursday: I placed two hidden immunity idols in the school, wrapped with a message explaining their use. In class we reviewed the rules of Survivor.

Friday: I left tree mail in the class with the instructions that someone is to read them aloud after the opening exercises. Apparently they struggled to make sense of what was written (I was trying to be cryptic), but they all made it to the gym for the challenges.
The four team names they came up with are:
Hufflepuff Honey Badgers (blue)
Ghosts (pink)
Immortals (green)
Delta Miners (grey)

This was my script and notes from the 75 minute period:

Record each component of the challenges, and tribal councils with an iPad.
Challenge #1 - Meet in the small gym (I used red font to highlight Jeff's repeated lines)

“Come on in, guys! Let's get to today's reward & immunity challenge. Here is how it's gonna work.”
2 players with one basketball have to make 5 free throws (4 basketballs-1 at each hoop), once both players are back at half, then the next 2 players can run over to the end and untie their 3 bags of puzzle pieces (cloth drawstring bags from outdoor ed - 4 different colours) tied to hockey nets.
The remaining 2 players then assemble their puzzle in the gym's center circle (24 piece puzzles from the dollar store).
*5 free throws were too many, next time I would cut it to 3 so that there wasn't a large gap between teams early on in the competition...made it stressful for the players still shooting.
FIRST 2 teams to finish win immunity and 1st also wins a reward, the others will go to tribal council where someone will be eliminated. 3 of the tribes had to sit out one player from this challenge so that the teams were balanced.
“I’ll give you a minute to strategize.”
“Survivors ready...go!”
Winning groups get team immunity idol/reward (the reward is clue #1 for a hidden immunity idol) and get to go read in the library, 3rd place team goes as well, but will be called back to vote after the 4th place team is finished. 4th place team, stay for tribal in the small gym. After elimination, individual student records a message to the audience. 4th place team then goes to the library, and the 3rd place team comes back for tribal council.
*I scrapped the idea of recording a parting message, just in case anyone was upset or angry.
*Ghosts finished first, winning immunity and reward, and Immortals won immunity with 2nd place.
Discuss the game, and encourage feedback from players:
"It is time to vote. You can vote for any other member of your tribe, even if they are absent today. You cannot vote for yourself, and you cannot spoil your ballot."
One at a time, everyone goes into the equipment room, and writes down the name of the person they want to vote out. As each player casts their vote, they are to hold the ballot up and record it with the iPad. Players can record a message to the camera if they so choose. eg: I'm sorry, or I'm glad it's not me.
I'll go tally the votes.Once the votes are read, the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to stay, and the others are to leave the tribal council area immediately.I'll read the votes.

*Once the 4th place tribe voted off a player, they went to the library, and sent the 3rd place tribe to the gym for their tribal council.
*After the first player was voted off I asked her to stay and I quickly explained that each evicted player was now becoming part of the "crew" responsible for next week's Survivor challenges. Like the crew in the real game, they aren't allowed to divulge anything to the players.
*We had a tie, so they voted again, except the tribe members could only vote for one of the tied players (who were no longer allowed to cast a vote themselves).
*Victoria and Ellie were the first 2 eliminated from the game.

Challenge #2 - In the gym

Each team has 5 minutes to build the tallest plastic cup tower (4x50 red 16 oz cups, cloth tape measure). Players who sat out the last challenge can not sit out this challenge.
Top 2 are safe, 1st also gets a reward (Clue #2 for a hidden immunity idol. Tiebreak if necessary-stack cups back into each other)
*Same result as the first challenge...Ghosts won, and Immortals came second.
2nd tribal council (repeat the process described above)
*Ashton and Raegen were the next 2 eliminated from Survivor: Coral Island.
*5 minutes was too long to stack the cups...3 minutes might be better to get a balance of speed and strategy.
Eliminated students plan next week's challenges, and will record video during the class. With the footage they capture they will make their own "Previously on Survivor" 60 second summary trailer.

**The process went a little too long, and took the whole period. Tribal council was the slowest part where each person walks over into the gym equipment room to cast their vote so the remaining tribe members can't see or hear who they voted for. While each person votes, the rest of us sit there and's kind of painful.

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